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Are you planning to retire soon? Do you want free help navigating the complex OPM paperwork so you can retire on time and avoid delays in your pension payout?

Do you know how much your take-home retirement income will be? How are you going to protect yourself against inflation? Will any of your retirement income be guaranteed? What about taxes?

You're an Air Traffic Controller, not a Financial Professional. So unless you want to leave potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pension plan or with the tax man, you need to call us immediately.

Call 949-247-3505 and we can help you answer these questions and many more that you didn't even know you had.

How much do you know about:

  • FERS/CSRS Pension (How much?)
  • Survivor Benefits (How expensive?)
  • TSP and Roth TSP (Future taxation?)
  • FEHB Health Plan (In retirement?)
  • FEGLI (What are my choices?)
  • Social Security Supplement (How much?)
  • Long Term Disability (Do I need it?)
  • Long Term Care (Am I in denial?)

NATCA has selected Cambridge Financial Partners as a value-added service provider to help you better understand, prepare, and implement strategies that will put you on the road to financial wellbeing throughout your career and on through retirement.

Call us at 949-247-3505 and get started in the right direction. Consultations are free for members and there is no obligation.

Your Benefits

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